Lawn Signs

on Saturday, November 1, 2008

While walking with my children through my neighborhood I've noticed something. 5 Bush/Palin lawn signs. 1 Obama/Biden lawn sign. The Obama/Biden sign is directly across from my home. I really like the people who have the Obama/Biden sign...they don't seem to have a Messiah complex. I also like the neighbors I know with the Bush/Palin signs...they don't seem deranged.

So I ask you dear reader, can you judge a house by it's lawn sign?

Ok. I just noted that I called the McCain/Palin signs Bush/Palin signs. hmmmm.


Rhaingel said...

As for me, their lawn signs are somewhat reflections of their likes and dislikes. I mean, you're not going to put something on your compund if you don't seem to like it, right? So my answer is YES. :)

Adlibby said...

I'd never put up a yard sign until this election. Having an Obama sign up in Kansas felt like a big rebellion! In fairness, my husband put it up, despite my scaredy-cat objections, and compared to the check he sent the campaign, it seemed like a small thing! But I got used to it. And we didn't have any problems other than one weekend when someone knocked it down, and stole our neighbors McCain/Palin sign and stuck it in our yard. We respectfully returned it (okay, hubby did while I cowered inside).

But I did take note of who else had the Obama signs. =) My fellow rebels.