Am I sarcastic??

on Sunday, November 30, 2008

My wife referred to me as sarcastic.   It made me I?.  When you have a comeback, as I do,  for people doing things that are stupid or moronic,  I just say "stupid people don't know they are stupid"  ...simple huh??  Gives meaning to the universe of the unexplained behavior in this world.  If you get a grasp of this statement it puts life into it's place.  You don't have to stress over someones don't have to try to fix have to just let them be.  For to try and explain it will only send you over a cliff of despair.

So I ask...can you concur...look at my I sarcastic??

Husband Out!!


Tooj said...

I don't know yet if you're sarcastic, but I do whole-heartedly agree that stupid people don't know they're stupid. I learned long ago that they truly don't realize the extent of their ignorance. Letting them be though....that's a tougher one for me. I'm a fixer by nature.