Does Anyone Else Do this? Or am I the ONLY Nut in the Class?

on Sunday, November 2, 2008

As my husband is leaving the house for work, to go to the store, etc., I absolutely, positively have to say "Be careful!" or "Drive safe" or some other life saving remark. If I don't utter the words and make them heard, I go absolutely spastic fearing he is going to be harmed in some way. I also have to add "I LOVE YOU!" or I call on his cell to make sure those are the last words he hears.

It gets worse.

When me and my Sweetheart leave the house *ALONE*, which is rare, the first conversation we have, every time, as we leave the drive way, is why we haven't arranged our WILLS in a more detailed fashion to take care of the kids in the event of our tragic death on the way for margaritas and a movie! This is on our way out for a fun night of light hearted banter.

That's not all.

Every time I have to travel without my family, I practically hold my breath until I get back for fear that my children will have to grow up without their neurotic mother.

Now, before you guys start to try and figure out my square footage to send the padding for my walls....all of this hysteria happens in the background of a somewhat normal and upbeat personality.

Does anyone go through this stuff since having kids?


Queenie Jeannie said...

Don't worry you aren't nutz.....yet! But the little buggers won't stop until you are, lol!!


Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

Nah, you're not crazy. Pretty normal if ya ask me.
Just popping by to say Happy Monday - Happy November, from a fellow SITSa.

Pearl said...

Nah. That's normal.

I blame it on too many Oxygen/After School Special/Hallmark movies. You know, where the woman leaves WITHOUT having said good-bye-i-love-you and NEVER RETURNS...

Fight the power, baby. Give everyone a kiss and trust that they'll/you'll/we'll all be back.


Jori-O said...

AAHahahahaha!!! I thought I was the only crazy one who did that! Seriously, I HAVE to say those exact things to my hubby or I feel frantic. And we have the "will" talk on dates too--so romantic! Were we separated at birth??

The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom said...

Thank you Ladies! Pearl - you are absolutely too many Hallmark specials gone wrong!

Jorio - are you a statuesque brunette with killer gams, too? (G)

ivana said...

Ciao "mom"

I'm reading some of your thoughts...i think that's normal for a woman, a mom, a grandmather what you speak of!
Excuse my English...I learnt it about 60 years ago!!!!




Adlibby said...

I'm not a big believe that telling someone to "stay safe" helps. But on the kid front, yes, absolutely!

Our conversation on a date goes something like this. Me: "Well, your family is too crazy to raise our kids!" Him: "Well your mom & dad are nut cases!" Me: "I know!!!" Him: "What should we do?" Me: "Let's have a margarita!"