Thoughts from a Republican Golfer

on Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The election is over thankfully.  Palin is back in Alaska.  McCain to the Senate.  Bush thankfully back to Texas soon.  I must admit I felt as though I didn't have a dog in this race this year.  I would have preferred a Romney or Huckabee.  I consider myself pretty much a fiscal conservative and a socially so so toward the middle.  That being said I could not rap myself around Obama mania this time around.  He is basically...politically.... on the other side of us supply siders.

In this time though I can't help myself to root for this man with my whole heart.  This country needs someone to rally around and I hope this man brings this country back soon.  I do like the way he has positioned himself to hit the floor running once January 20th comes around.  He has already come to the middle a bit.  He is showing that he can't play politics with this country's future right now.  So far so good.  I can now say at this time Gobama!