The Other Chin

on Sunday, November 30, 2008

OK...this is the truth. It's not pretty. I was totally blindsided this week when I realized, while perusing pictures of my nieces visit....that I have developed a second chin.

O. M. G.

It is only visible when smiling...but it's there.

send. help. please.
(do you see how far I will go to make my 30 in 30 quota...and still...I missed it!)


georgie said...

I have the 'other' chin,butt,hips and thighs after you get help send some my way mmmkay?

Pearl said...

I too have felt the horror of spying an extra chin in photos. I think it is a combination of poor posing technique and being to critical with ourselves.

I keep telling myself that it has something to do with smiling and kind of pulling your face back because people tend to do that when being photographed for some reason. Really. Take a tip from Tyra: Smile with your eyes and extend your neck like a turtle.

Why didn't you post a sample pic? :P

The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom said...

Georgie! You crack me up!

Pearl! ROFL! Sample pic? Don't make me come over there!