My Little Ninja :)

on Monday, November 10, 2008

I smile in the title of this only because I know that I shouldn't have but after it happened at lunch today I had to step into the mom's office and bust a gut.

The scene...lunch time...the kids were playing with their chicken and french fries. Eating but not really in an especially speedy pace. I the dad...having finished my lunch am just watching them. I throw out the "she's going to finish her lunch first it looks like" They both get that look in their eyes and start stuffing the chicken fries into their mouth. I, being the dad that doesn't care to see my kids choking, knocked that off quickly. It did come down though, at that point, that the younger one, in her booster, had a half a piece left. The oldest seeing this proceeded to stuff a whole one in his mouth just as she ate her last piece. He mumbled that he finished first and I corrected him with ..."um mm...nope ..she wins"

Here's where the belated belly laugh came. He with his mouth still full gets down and starts wagging his finger in his sister's face to let her know of his disapproval that she finished's where my ninja quietly and non passionately just...with lighting speedy just popped my son on the forehead...all we needed was that open handed retraction and yell of Jackie Chan. Well he had to respond in kind and by then I intervened any further fisticuffs.

I found myself having a hard time chastising them too much other than saying that "you shouldn't do that" in that fatherly sternness.

The wife, and mom had a huge giggle moment when I recounted it to her.

Are we bad? :) I look at these times we enjoy and remember. Especially when they are older and truly best friends to each other.

Anybody else find humor in parenting???



jori-o said...

We totally encourage (against our better judgement--but we can't help it!)the baby to beat the snot out of his big (8 year-old) brother. There's just something funny about seeing a baby do their smackdown thing. And usually big brother plays too rough anyways, so we figure he deserves a little payback...;)

Adlibby said...

ahhhh... the little ninja that could. =) LOL. Finding the humor becomes increasingly important as they start to get older, and the ratio of times when they are cute/ to the times you want to kill them starts to flip!

that said -- nobody's tougher than a little sister!