on Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tomorrow is the big night. Halloween has arrived and with it - all of the excitement of dressing in your best disguise, collecting candy from friends and neighbors and the joy of walking outside at *night*!

I've got two words for you - WONDER WOMAN! I can't remember exactly how many years I did my best impression of Lynda Carter with the help of aluminum foil, but it would be safe to say my Halloween appearances ran as long as the show! Various characters followed those buxom bosomless years - baby, flappers, pirates, Tigger, *THE* Virgin Mary...WHAT FUN!

Now my kids are feeling the magic and excitement of this holiday where we all get the chance to dress up and anticipate the night! Tomorrow morning my children will wake up and enjoy the day as a 4 year old train loving boy and a 2 year old dog loving girl....but by night....they will walk the neighborhood as Curious George and The Man With the Yellow Hat.

The build up to Halloween has been phenomenal and the fun of making the Man with the Yellow Hat costume has been so rewarding! Watching those little eyes light up every day when they see one new piece of the costume puzzle has spurred me on. We've all had a part - The Mom (that's me!) worked on the hat and the tie - The Dad worked on the footwear and shirt - and the Nonna (that's the Grand mom) made the brightest pair of pants I've ever seen. It was a group effort! Maybe that's the real magic...working on a project *together*!

Indulge in candy! Suspend your disbelief! Bask in the magic! Enjoy your little ones!

Happy Halloween!