The Machiavellian in me has been defeated!

on Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I started off this presidential campaign with glee....I had a huge amount of fun handicapping the Democratic race. Hillary vs. Obama!! I being the Republican golfer in the family was looking on with glee at these two beating themselves up. I even...yes I was one of those Republicans..that sent money to Hillary's campaign to keep her afloat. I wanted to see a convention fight. How much fun?!! Let them expend all their energy and have McCain sweep in. The wife will deny that I felt this way but I was impressed by the grandiose of Barack's speech at the convention. I found it utterly brilliant what McCain did, the next day in announcing Palin the day after Barack's speech. Barack was off the radar map at that point. It was a brilliant move. Would have been an even more brilliant move if they would have briefed her for...oh...maybe 2 months. As time wore on I became very disenchanted with the McCain camp...not for so much their message but how they were running their campaign. Obviously plucking someone that has no national experience or even interest until now and plopping her in front of a nation to pick over was not the smartest move from that camp and really was his down fall. When he started to loose his base, he starting losing this election. He has in this process lost me.

I can not support the other side of the ticket because I just believe ,and I hope that I am wrong, that he has a desire for economic wealth distribution in mind for this country. I have found it troubling that he witnessed in his own voice...said that the constitution and those that framed it left a fundamental flaw in it and it still pervades today. He mentions that the constitution tells us what the government can't do to it's people. If does not though state what it can do for distribution. It's not a good platform to stand on in a capitalistic society.

I really can't support my party this time. I am so disappointed in Bush I can't see straight. He has spent this country's money like a drunken sailor. He has cozied up to the leader across the border too openly too. Immigration control was a big reason I supported him. He turned out to be Mexico's best friend and proceeded to do nothing for the problem that is undocumented visitors being a drain on the border states of this country. It's one thing if you want to let them stay...It should be the responsibility of the US government though to compensate the states for them....AND THEY DON'T!!

McCain, with his mismanagement of his campaign, has just depressed me to no end. I just can't support him anymore. I am voting this next week. I still want to be able to complain :) I am predicting an Obama presidency though....there is no more to be Machiavellian about :( On to 2012.