Sneaking off the Goo Goo Ga Ga

on Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It had been 4 years and 2 or so months since my wife and I have spent more than 4 or so hours ourselves....during the day :) I mention this because for our anniversary we decided somewhat independently of each other, that we had a desire to visit a local amusement park for our anniversary. It really was a "ya know this is kinda weird but do you want to go to Disneyland for our anniversary" I was happily surprised to hear her say that "I had the same idea".....OK! That is do we accomplish this feat? We managed to put together 2 baby sitters for a close to 12 hour visit. You have to realize that it really took the planets aligning for this to happen. We are ever grateful to our sitters and we intend to hit them up again in the future :) Not too soon though :)

I want to thank the wife, the mom, for a wonderful day of amusement, talking, and holding hands. I truly treasure the time I spend with her. We have so little time to just sit across from each other and gaze...being thankful for all that 6 years has given us. It was difficult to be selfish on our trip though... to the park that our kids looooove....but was our day. Not that the kids didn't come up often. On a few occasions we mentioned that the kids would love this or that. We had to actually catch ourselves and be selfish with Mickey, Minnie and Friends for a day.

In closing, I would like to let everyone know that we had a wonderful day at the Magic Kingdom...few rides...good conversation...good food...and closed it off with fireworks!! We are now back to the fireworks that are our children and gleefully we are back on the Goo Goo Ga Ga train. ALL ABOARD!!!