Partisanship Begins At Home

on Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We just walked in from having dinner at a local restaurant, you know, doing our part for the local economy and getting me out of having to cook dinner tonight. A win win. We walked in and I was reminded that our President is addressing the Congress tonight. So I quickly went to the TV, tuned into ABC and was gratified to hear my 4 year old son say, "That's Barack Obama, my President! I voted for him, Mama. Why is he on here?"

I explained that he was talking about all the good things that are coming for our country and all the things we need to do to help our country move forward.

He looked at me and said, "I think you voted for John McCain, didn't you, Mama."

I said, "No...didn't you go into the booth with Daddy and vote for John McCain?"

He said, "No Mama, not me, I voted for my President, Barack Obama" a whisper..."the winner."

Cracked me up.


michelle said...

too funny....out of the mouths of babes...:)

m :)

Noah's Mommy said... it....

Mary K Brennan said...

Too cute! When I took my three year old voting with me he asked the lady at the table: "Where is Hilary Clinton?" He truly was a hit. Just found you through SITS!

Sally's World said...

LOL, I love the things kids say. thanks for your comments on my blog, they always cheer me up!

Eve said...

LOL Smart boy!! Stopping by from SITS to say HI! :)

Beth said...

That's too cute!! Both my kids went into the booth with me and we pushed the Obama button together. They certainly do look at him differently knowing they voted for him!

♥ashley said...

That's so cutee! Awesome. Love the blog. I'm following it.
Wanna check out mine??