Chicken Mystery: Solved!

on Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My four year old son explained the magical mystery behind getting chicken on our table.

Here's some back story to our own family nightly ritual....our own little version of Groundhog Day!

I make dinner....always something I know the kids will enjoy. My son has a lapse in memory and starts convulsing before he gets to the table demanding that he be heard:"I WILL NOT EAT THAT! EVER!" I explain in my calmest Italian American fashion that in fact, he has eaten this particular meal before and he loved it. I insist that he sits down, he insists that he will not be seated at a table that is hosting such a disgusting meal. His manners go from bad to worse and he is asked to vacate the premises and go warm the stool in his room. He cries. We wait. He calms down. He's invited back in the room. He tries the food. And he smiles and says, "Mmmm...this is good. My favorite. Mama, did you make this just for me because you know I like it so much?"

This is the point where I realize that God make children to be so beautiful and charming because if he didn't....they wouldn't make it past the age of 4.

I'm exhausted by the whole exchange and he's ready to open a bottle of Chianti and settle in for the night with a good meal.

So tonight, I decided to cut out the middle man when he approached the table. In an effort at a premptive strike I told him that he's eaten the meal, I know he thinks its vile, but in an effort to move things along...could we please bypass the bad manners and trip to his bedroom and just try the freakin chicken!?!?! He smiled and complied. And he said, "Mmmm...this is good. My favorite. Mama, did you make this just for me because you know I like it so much?"

Not having wasted all that time...we had time for some good conversation along with the Chianti. Here's how it went:

Little Man: Mama do you know how Chicken gets to our

The Me: How, Babe?

Little Man:

Well, the Chicken Rooster spits out chicken.

Then the farmer mixes the chicken and puts it on a train.

Then it goes on a boat.

Then it goes on a truck.

Then it goes on another truck.

Then it goes into a store.

Then we go buy it.

You cook it.

Then we eat it.

Just like that.

The Me: Chicken Rooster, Babe?

Little Man: Yep, a Chicken Rooster spits it out. Mmmm..this is good.


Sally's World said...

You do a brilliant job, i love reading your blogs...i feel less isolated, ridiculous i suppose being thousands of miles aay, but a few words from mums going through the same things makes me feel supported....being able to laugh about all the madness is what gets me through, i'm glad you do that too.


sal xxxxxxx

Noah's Mommy said...

oh that is too funny....I love how it's his fave...and you made it just for him....and chicken roosters...scary things those...

The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom said...

Sally! I love that you used the word brilliant in connection to our blog...made my freakin day!

You are does feel good to read that other Moms are experiencing the same joys and dramas that sometimes feel overwhelming..and are sometimes to cute to keep to yourself. Sharing is theraputic!

Kinda makes the world smaller, warm and cozy!

Thank you for your kind words!

Noah's Mom - I had nightmares last night of Chicken Roosters and the Farmer mixing them....

Shelle-BlokThoughts said... exhausting...thank goodness for creative ideas!

I love his take on how you get chicken though...I'm sure my kids would completely agree!

San said...

Hiya from SITS!

Your boy's so adorable! (I know, easy for me to say, separated by an entire continent)... But you've done a good job to raise such an adorable kid! ;)

Chicken Rooster... I think that will keep me in stitches the whole day! Haha!

Ms Cupcake said...

Dropping by from sits.

BTW, I'm sponsoring a Valentine's Day giveaway on my blog, Zen Cupcake in case you're interested.

Brandy said...

Haha kids really DO say the darndest things.

Small House said...

Dropping by from SITS.

Great story! Your blog is really fun to read. Thanks.

L said...

I love it! My little man has Aspergers so we go thru the EXACT same thing often at our house. We have a "3 bite rule" - if it's on the plate you eat 3 bites.

Sometimes it meltdown mania - others not so much!

Love your approach!

ps - here from SITS

Beverly said...

cute, chicken rooster. Saw you one the SITS roll call.

Maricris Zen Mama said...

That's just way too cute. I think I like your version better :)

Lilly's Life said...

'This is the point where I realize that God make children to be so beautiful and charming because if he didn't....they wouldn't make it past the age of 4.' LOL Great post I enjoyed it a lot. My daughter is well and truly grown up but it took me back!! Her fourth year was way worse than the terrible twos.

San said...

U are too sweet!!! Thanks for leaving all those generous comments on my blog!

Auds at Barking Mad said...

That's hilarious.

Can you ask him for his take on why the chicken crossed the road?