The Best Kind of 30 Minute Meals

on Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This post it for all the people that struggle with Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals (that includes The Wife).

I was thinking of this the other day while I was playing with play dough with my daughter. You see play dough is one of her favorite pastimes of late. I being the ever available sous chef to my daughter's expert cooking prowess managed to put together what I have determined is the ultimate 30 minute meal. THE PEPPERONI PIZZA!

You start with blue play daughters favorite after pink. You roll it out thinly and then proceed to carve out a large circle (10 minutes). Then you need toppings for your pizza, namely pepperoni colored. You then smooth out a thin layer of red play dough and then shape out the appropriate sized pepperoni (10 minutes). Your final process involves naming off family members as you apply each"this one is for nonna...this one is for momma.." etc (10 minutes). Nonna will be glad to find out that she received the most pieces of pepperoni in this process.

Being my daughters sous chef was the thrill of the day for me. How could Rachel Ray beat this experience and our record breaking time? :) I'll bet she would have never thought of the Mickey Mouse pepperoni!


adlibby said...


Debbie said...

How clever is that and how awesome is it that your husband not only partook in this activity with his daughter but blogged about it! You are making the other dudes look bad ;)

The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom said...

Libby! - Not everyone loves a smartass but we think outside of the box and LOVE'EM! Cracked me up!

Debbie - I feel like someone famous visited our site ;) Thank you for dropping by and commenting.
It's pretty cool to watch your husband falling in love with his children every day. Now blogging about it makes him a total over achiever. I'll slap him. :)

Sarah said...


Happy (belated) Sits day!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Ah, that's cute. And love the shape she chose.

Stopping over from SITS

michelle said...

Hey there, just popped by from SITS....your "say something nice today, it might change someone's day" message intriqued me. So I just had to visit your blog....I am so glad I did!
I will visit often!! :)


Nicole O'Dell said...

Soooo Sweet!

Thanks for visiting my blog today. I'm really glad you did because then I got to come see this and it totally warmed my heart.