Glad to be still growing....

on Thursday, July 24, 2008

I had an exchange with our very ambitious son the other day. Laying in the bouncer outside with him, he, out of the blue says....."When I'm five I'm going to be as tall as you daddy" To that I said "Great!!". He followed with "When I'm ten I will be taller than you". To that I said "outstanding!!" Then...the topper...he says with an animated voice "...AND WHEN I'M FIFTY!!...I'm going to be REALLY BIG!!" I was very proud that my son has aspirations of being taller than his daddy. It is something that would please me to no end. Of course my son in any package would please me to no end...short or tall. His last proclamation did give me hope for myself though. Ya see I am 46 years old. He has basically confirmed that you can still grow at age 50. I have 4 more years of growing to do :). I hope it also means that I have, atleast, 4 more years of growing mentally as well as physically. If there is one thing that I can say is that, since my wife and I got married, is that I have grown. Not only as a husband but as a father. I hope that I continue to grow for the rest of my life. I hope I continuely learn how to grow into being a better husband and daddy. Both of which I think I'm doing pretty well cause I get alot of smiles. But I want more :)))


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