4 Things....maybe 3

on Thursday, July 17, 2008

4 Things that I learned, figured out, confirmed or was pleasantly (OK, outrageously) surprised about today.

· My recently potty trained little boy can wipe!!!!!! (outrageously, happily, phenomenally surprised!)
· I confirmed that Elizabeth Hasselbeck on “The View” bothers me in a profound way.
· I learned that watching the reality show “Hopkins” documenting an almost 3 year old's heart transplant and woes can almost put me in cardiac arrest and deep fear. I'm forever thankful that my little ones are sleeping peacefully and healthy. God bless them. God bless Peyton and his family. To read about Peyton's story or see the episode click to: http://hopkins.abcnews.com/patient_updates/patient/peyton-penrod
· I figured out…well…I was hoping that I'd figured out something today, but upon further review….I’ll have to hope for the best tomorrow.