Why do 30 Minute Meals take me 1 hour and a 1/2?

on Friday, January 23, 2009

Dear Rachael Ray,

I really like you. In all honestly, I kinda liked you better before you had your own talk show and I didn't have to listen to you.... ummm...well....talk so much...but all in all...I really enjoy your goofy little stories about your family and walking with your dog Boo. I enjoy your quirky, sentimental good-naturedness...and I adore the way you are making cooking for your family seems like a joyous adventure and symbol of familial adoration rather than a tedious, looming everyday annoyance. In addition, the meals that I have made from your book, TV show or Food Network program (all the 30 minute meal brand) are usually very delicious. However, they do NOT and I repeat, DO NOT take 30 minutes to make.

This whole 30 minutes meal fabrication has got to stop! The myth that you are perpetuating is making me feel...well...inadequate. I know that your show is filmed in 30 minutes, but either you are bringing in a team of helpers during the commercials or you are lying. Now I'm not saying that ALL of your recipes aren't standing up to YOUR test of time, but most of the recipes I've tried are at least double the time.

So, just to prove the point, I challenge you to come to my home and prepare one of your recipes...I'll choose. Then I will blend into the background and watch you preform. Here's the catch...you must prepare this meal with the same joy and challenges the rest of face when preparing one of your so called 30 minute meals from home. You have to juggle at least one child around the age of 5 and hmmm..let's say, another child around the age of 2. You'll need to be fielding phone calls from your land line as well as your cell phone. A nice added touch would be having your 2 year old have a breakdown of some kind (maybe low blood sugar) and have your 5 year old keep asking when the meal will be ready. They should probably be playing a game in the room and of course, occasionally squabbling.

Keep in mind you will need to continually reference the recipe to keep the experiment and challenge authentic.

Doesn't that sound like fun?

So, c'mon...just between us...you know these recipes require a bit more than 30 minutes. Truth in advertising would dictate that you title your show and books "30 minute Test Kitchen Meals /90 Minute Real Home Meals", but I'd settle for you coming over once a month and cooking the meal. :)

Your Friend and Fan,
The Me


Noah's Mommy said...

I love your challenge...and I have yet to make one of her meals...good to know..she Lieessss.....lol...anyhoo...I have a present for you over at my place...come by and grab it when you can....

Anabelle said...

hahahaah sooooooo true. I have a mini rachael ray.... meaning she HAS to help

melanie @ don't expect much said...

How true is this post? IT IS RIGHT ON!!

Thanks for a good giggle this morning!

Pearl said...

I think her 30 minutes start after her production staff has prepped everything up and put it in those cute little glass bowls for her. And amen to the toddler sous chef, that adds a good 47 minutes to meal prep around here.

PS ~ I loved your rapini comment! My husband and I both loved the dish, it was delish!

♥georgie♥ said...

LMAO!!!! this is so true!!!
♥ it!

jori-o said...

So true! When Rachael comes over, can I invite myself as a guest as well? =)

adlibby said...

Funny! And so true! And what's with those "kid's will love 'em" comments. Whose kids?! Not mine! My kids only eat crackers and cheese. And not more than 3 ingredients can be touching please.

On the other hand, if it weren't for Rachel Ray... I wouldn't even try!!! Have you made her Penne a la vodka? It's dreamy! =)

Thanks for the verbose reply on my recent post! I'm so nutty about you that I just want to reach out and hug you! Smoooch!

The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom said...

NM - Thank you, Thank you!~

Ana - Underage workhorses! Good idea!

Melanie! - Thanks for dropping by!

Pearl! - We should do a show about "REAL 30 Minute Meals!"

Jori - I'll let you know when Rachael's people call me? :)

Libby! - The feeling is entirely mutual! We need to start a mutual admiration society blog!