Dreams from the husband

on Sunday, August 3, 2008

In an effort to name and claim.....which I picked up from the wife.....

  • Play the guitar
  • Learn to speak a foreign language (Italian)
  • Learn to dance one ballroom dance
  • Take a photography class and have one of my pictures published anywhere!
  • Be a travel agent...an actual childhood dream...not so much with the advent of Expedia.. but would still love it.
  • Have an "honest" conversation with a world leader
  • Show my wife London
  • To see my children grown and experiencing their own dreams.
  • To play Pebble Beach one more time (even though I've said I don't need to...it's a great golf course)
  • Learn how to cook a great tomato basil soup.
  • Ride on the Orient Express
  • A certain Cape Cod home
  • Visit all of the Disney parks.
  • Climb on the Great Wall of China (inspired by my sons interest in it)
  • Go on a cruise anywhere ...well ...maybe Greece

Now on to the claiming.......and also naming some more.